Augmented Reality @ Pentridge Prison

‘A Miscarriage of Justice AR‘, is an interactive documentary which uses augmented reality technology at a site specific location H.M Pentridge Prison precint, offering the spectator an insight into the Ronald Ryan story. It forms part of a story world which is told across 3 varying platforms, AR+Ai, VR and 3D mapping.

The augmented reality (AR) component of the project uses ‘Live Action ‘ and ‘AI – Artificial Intelligence’ as a way to immerse the spectator and integrate them into the story world. This part of the project brings the spectator face to face with Ronald Ryan giving them an opportunity to have a conversation with him and even implicates them in his escape, as Ryan asks them to ‘keep a look out for the guards’.  This first of its kind to integrate ‘live action’ augmented reality at a site specific location, where the spectator roams the museum/site finding stories which inform the Ronald Ryan and Jean Lee narrative.

Other aspects of the AR project have the spectator scaling the infamous bluestone wall with their mobile device to reveal the back stories of the characters who feature in the virtual reality film ‘ A Miscarriage of Justice VR’.  The documentary vignettes are made up of historical images which for the first time have been turned into moving images, using aritifical intelligence face recognition software, voice-over and haunting sound scapes.

It’s purpose is to promote and preserve history as well as create awareness around the macabre act of capital punishment.