XR Storytelling@Pentridge Prison

‘A Miscarriage of Justice’ is a three part immersive interactive documentary which utilises, extended reality (XR) technologies geared toward bringing history to life at Melbourne’s Heritage-listed Pentridge Prison site.

It proceeds to re-imagine history by transporting the spectator to the 1960s and conveys the story of two executions, the last man and woman to be hanged in Australia.  It was shot entirely on location at the prison site where the executions took place.

This project applies a conventional way of visiting and learning about a site and exploring its history by moving away from traditional guide maps and reading material and offers visitors an immersive and interactive view by exploring it using virtual and augmented reality technologies.  This project aims to promote and preserve history at this culturally motivated venue through means of connection, which raises conversations about experiencing stories in a different way.   Expanding history in this way across multiple platforms may potentially modify how we learn and connect to a place and story, and hopefully, this gives it new meaning.  It provides primary/secondary schools and tertiary institutions an opportunity to learn about history using the location as an interactive classroom, which comes to life with the use of mobile devices.

360/VIRTUAL REALITY @Pentridge Prison

‘A Miscarriage of Justice VR‘, an 18 minute docudrama which forms part of an XR documentary uses immersive and interactive technologies, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and 3D scanning technologies as a means to bring the execution of Ronald Joseph Ryan the last man hanged in Australia in 1967 and Jean Lee the last woman hanged in Australia in 1951 to life.  This ground breaking VR docudrama re-enacts the last moments of Ryans life before he was executed.   It places the spectator in the middle of the story playing the protagonists Jean Lee, and at a poignant moment in the film the spectator’s role switches to that of Ronald Ryan and they are brought face to face with the unimaginable. The additional aspects of the storyworld are ‘A Miscarriage of Justice AR’, and 3D tour of B-Division.

An Atalanti Films Production
Producer/Writer/Director: Atalanti Dionysus
DoP/Editor: Ryan Pow
Sound Recordist: Kyle Evans
Music Composer: Stefan Cassomenos
Post Production: Aleisha Staples/Staples VR
Paul Round as ‘Ronald Ryan’
Max Sharam as ‘Jean Lee’
Wayne Pearn as ‘Father Brosnan’
Sandy Green as ‘Cecilia Ryan’
Ian Green as ‘The Hangman’
David Spokes as ‘Prison Governor Ian Grindlay’

A Miscarriage of Justice VR is co-distributed by SIMA Studio Distributors who distribute to over 30 countries and will present the work to local community activists, cultural organizations, film and educational forums and classroom showings to increase visibility and impact of this story.

Contact michael@simastudios.org

The trailer for A Miscarriage of Justice


The augmented reality (AR) component of the project uses ‘Live Action ‘ and ‘AI – Artificial Intelligence’ as a way to immerse the spectator and integrate them into the story world. This part of the project brings the spectator face to face with Ronald Ryan giving them an opportunity to have a conversation with him and even implicates them in his escape, as Ryan asks them to ‘keep a look out for the guards’.  This first of its kind to integrate ‘live action’ augmented reality at a site specific location, where the spectator roams the museum/site finding stories which inform the Ronald Ryan and Jean Lee narrative.

Other aspects of the AR project have the spectator scaling the infamous bluestone wall with their mobile device to reveal the back stories of the characters who feature in the virtual reality film ‘ A Miscarriage of Justice VR’.  The documentary vignettes are made up of historical images which for the first time have been turned into moving images, using aritifical intelligence face recognition software, voice-over and haunting sound scapes.

It’s purpose is to promote and preserve history as well as create awareness around the macabre act of capital punishment.

3D VIRTUAL TOUR @Pentridge Prison

B-Division in 3D, is a 3D virtual tour of Pentridge Prison’s B-Division in Melbourne, Victoria and was created using 3D scanning technology. The purpose of this project is to bring the spectator closer to the experience of seeing what it really looks like inside a high security prison. The reason we undertook this project was to promote and preserve an aspect of history that will soon be lost as this part of the prison is set to be completely renovated into a hotel complex and day spa.

This piece plugs into a narrative project titled, ‘A Miscarriage of Justice’, which looks at the execution of Ronald Ryan, the last man hanged in Australia 1957, and Jean Lee, the last woman hanged in Australia 1951.  It uses immersive digital technologies virtual reality and augmented reality in a holistic approach to execute the story.  Projected installations, interactive newspapers and 3D scanning software add another layer of immersion to the storyworld.  The part of the project can be viewed as a standalone project viewed via the link on this page or via a VR mounted head set.

Phase one of this project immerses the spectator in the experience of being in a prison cell, with every little texture viewable in 3D and allows you to walk around B Division at your own pace.
Phase two of this project will bring you face to face with prisoners and their stories, you get to chose who you want to talk and interact with. This phase is currently in development.
For a virtual tour of B-Division contact atalantifilms@gmail.com

Dolls house view of B-Division.